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Adriana Jelinek Photography
Adriana Jelinek Photography
Adriana Jelinek is a New York City based Photographer who needed a website to showcase some portfolio work, and as a base for her own personal Photoblog. Read more …
Women In Rock
Women In Rock
RG was asked to create a replacement for the initial website, which has gone as far as it could under self-development. Amongst other features, we enabled a Video background for the header – a new ability within WordPress that will be important in the future for sure. Read more …
Marsh Medical Adaptations
Marsh Medical Adaptations
Following a recommendation to us, Marsh Medical Adaptations asked us to create a new and improved web presence, with the intention of adding an eCommerce facility allowing both Therapists and end-users to purchase difficult to source home aids and adaptations. Read more …

Our Offer …

If you’re looking for a new website, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Let Robert Gerrard Creative get you set up quickly and on a sensible budget, with a website that really works and brings you the results you need.

Some websites are all form and no function. Some are amazingly clever but remarkably unhelpful. Not ours

We make sites that work simply, that are attractive without being flashy, and engage visitors with good information, encouraging them to do business with you. They’re also designed to be easy to update, to refresh, and to manage.

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Benefits for new customers include:

Unlimited hosting FREE for a full 12 months. 

There’s no limit on space or on the number of email addresses, FREE statistics and analytics, and we’ll even either register a new domain free, or extend your existing domain registration by 12 months for no charge.


We add your site to our Webmaster list, and monitor it for you free of charge.

Any visitor reporting a problem through the site is responded to by us, and we rectify the problem fast, and more importantly FREE of charge.


We provide FREE analytics tools and statistics for those who want to monitor the website’s performance.

We also offer a subscription based service to ensure your site’s search engine listing remains prominent.


We respond FAST to requests for changes.

You won’t wait days, weeks or months to get content added, edited or removed.

It’ll happen within a few business hours at most. If it takes longer, like a late pizza, it’s free.


One FREE remote control (or Skype) tuition session.

It’s useful for you to know how to freshen your content or add new information.

Of course, we can also create content on demand, and we have a superb copy writing team. 


We’ll ensure you get a £75 credit on Google Adwords.

To ensure your site gets noticed fast, there’s no substitute for a Google Adwords campaign.

We offer subscription service for running your Adwords campaign and making it work well for you.


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