Our aim is to build long-term relationships that are of mutual benefit. There’s no short-term profit motivation, so we remain free to recommend the best solutions and to work with people to ensure the effort pays for itself as soon as possible. Good feedback is critical to that process.

Here are some testimonials from customers that show how they respond to our service.

Past & Present Wood Flooring
Robert Gerrard Creative built our website to capture new business leads, and Robert has been looking after it for several years, as well as managing an Adwords promotional campaign that has brought us enormous amounts of new business.
Paul Fulton
I find there are always a few ‘go-to’ people whose numbers are at the top of the speed-dial list. Robert at RG Creative is certainly one of these. Whether wrangling a whizzy website, solving a software situation, or rectifying a recalcitrant router, – Robert is there with his mix of talents and skills, able to bring a refreshing perspective to the issue.
Gren Tours
I asked Robert Gerrard Creative to build a new and much more professional looking website for my business. Not only did he build the website but also helped with online payment system, hosting and help with marketing…
Genesis Telesales

We operate from several locations and needed VoIP telephony, web services and a website with a CRM system that would both promote our services and enable us to work simultaneously. Robert Gerrard had all the answers, set it all up, and it works.

UBLOW Limited
As a start-up, it is very difficult to comprehend what your business might require. Robert Gerrard took my specification and talked through various options advising on items that would be best suited now, and what to consider for the future. We saved money.
Hillside CD Productions

When you contact Robert Gerrard about something you need, it’s done remarkably quickly. That’s a service worth the asking price. I’m ready to pay for quality advice and service that can save me more than I spend on it. My website has gone from strength to strength, it pays for itself many times over.

Recent Websites
Peter West Tours
Peter West Tours
Peter West Tours is a brand new Wordpress website, based on a previous pure HTML website… Read more …
Women In Rock
Women In Rock
RG was asked to create a replacement for the initial website, which has gone as far as it could under self-development. Amongst other features, we enabled a Video background for the header – a new ability within WordPress that will be important in the future for sure. Read more …
Marsh Medical Adaptations
Marsh Medical Adaptations
Following a recommendation to us, Marsh Medical Adaptations asked us to create a new and improved web presence, with the intention of adding an eCommerce facility allowing both Therapists and end-users to purchase difficult to source home aids and adaptations. Read more …