Ransomware global attack

May 15th, 2017

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I am sure you will be aware of the recent attacks on every system from those run by private individuals and small businesses to national services and global corporations, and how much disruption they have caused. Here’s a heads up…
Ransomware is probably the nastiest and most prolific form of malicious software around at the moment. It encrypts your data so you can’t read it, very quickly and very effectively. It demands a ransom to decrpyt the data, usually in excess of £150 (but paid in “Bitcoin” which makes the recipient untraceable) and rising the longer you wait. It can bypass most simple anti-virus software, and avoiding infection therefore requires very specific attentiveness and security awareness. Even the most vigilant people can be caught, though. Be extremely careful.
There IS protection that can ensure your system is extremely unlikely to be compromised, that can save you the cost of paying the criminals or a specialist to recover your system from being encrypted.


I strongly recommend subscribing to Sophos’ Anti-ransomware protection which I can help you with. The subscription for a private individual licence is less than £50, and I can now provide it with a full installation service for a total of £80.
If you run any operating system from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 you are now at extremely high risk. You should run all Windows updates immediately, whether you intend to use the Sophos protection or not.
Please get in touch if you need assistance. Once your system is infected, it is too late to recover anything without paying the ransom.
Some receiving this message may already be protected – but I’m notifying everyone as a matter of course… because you might have other computers that are not protected, as well as the one I’ve already worked on!


Stay safe. Thanks for reading. 

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Past & Present Wood Flooring

Robert Gerrard Creative built our website to capture new business leads, and Robert has been looking after it for several years, as well as managing an Adwords promotional campaign that has brought us enormous amounts of new business. We now spend far less on Adwords, but get more business than before Robert started targeting ads. Our enquiry rate has increased, and our website is fresh and up to date all the time.

Paul Fulton

I find there are always a few ‘go-to’ people whose numbers are at the top of the speed-dial list. Robert at RG Creative is certainly one of these. Whether wrangling a whizzy website, solving a software situation, or rectifying a recalcitrant router, – Robert is there with his mix of talents and skills, able to bring a refreshing perspective to the issue.

Gren Tours

As part of development of my business, I attended a variety of courses including website building. I built the first website for my business but technology and concentrating on the actual running of my business meant that the website soon became dated. I asked Robert Gerrard Creative to build a new and much more professional looking website for my business. Not only did he build the website but also helped with online payment system, hosting and help with marketing. Robert also notifies me of what I need to do to be legally compliant in various I.T. issues. He also takes initiative to inform and recommend any improvements for my website. If I have any general I.T. problems I also ask Robert for help. Certainly for my small business needs Robert is a one-stop shop for I.T. solutions.
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